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Running Shoes


What we do

Senior Care

  •  As we age our feet are susceptible to problems and it becomes harder for individuals to care for their feet, with poor eyesight and flexibility affecting the ability to maintain them

  • We can help manage your nails and foot health  


  •  New Plymouth Podiatry is ACC registered 

  •  If you have been injured as a result of an  accident or playing sports, we can make a  claim

  •  If you have an existing claim please bring  any details to your appointment 

  • ACC subsidise the cost of your appointments 


  • We examine the way your lower limbs move, checking for abnormalities and possible causes of pain in the foot, ankle, knee and back.

  •  Gait analysis 

Orthotics and Bracing

  • Knee, ankle and foot braces for acute and chronic injuries

  • Temporary  orthotics to reduce load on acute injuries

  • Casted orthotics to accommodate chronic conditions

Nail and Skin

  •  Thickened and discolored nails 

  •  Corns and callus 

  •  Verrucae 

  •   Ingrown toenails and nail surgery 

Sports and Activities Injuries 

  • We can treat and diagnose all lower limb injuries  including toes, foot, heel, ankle and knee injuries 

  • We can treat and diagnose overuse injuries

Paediatric (Children) Podiatry

  •  Ingrown toenails 

  •  Flat feet 

  •  Growing pain 

  •  Intoeing

  •  Gait abnormalities 

Diabetic Foot Care

  • Diabetic foot assessment and management  

  • Diabetic foot education 


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